Window shade benefits

If you have just decided to get window shades for your home, you have made a sensible choice not only because of their esthetic value, but also because of their practicality and economical benefits. Not sure that you really, really want or need them? Let’s shed some light on the benefits of window shades and help you make up your mind!

Esthetic home improvement with window shades

Window coverings are available in a vast variety of styles, made from different types of materials and designed for different purposes. Whatever you want them to do for your home or whatever your personal taste, you will always be able to find window covering that does both. They can add color and fluidity to whatever room you put them into, accentuate the charm of the rest of your décor – or conceal flaws. When looking for window covering, you will have a choice of fabrics, textures and patterns that will allow you to really enjoy the experience of finding the perfect shades for you. Valances (both simple and box-pleated), swags, balloon shades, tie-up shades, tie-up shade tips, Roman shades, wood valances, rod-pocket panels, Venetian blinds and pleated panels… these are only a few of the style choices you will be able to pick from to add sophistication, elegance or a playful feel to your home. When it comes to material you will have choice too, including from a huge variety of fabrics to timber and aluminum.

Insulation benefits of window coverings

Window coverings like Roman shades can be put inside or outside the window frame to protect your home from the elements of nature. Panels with rings and pleated panels, just like Roman blinds, cover the window completely when drawn. Window covering such as these therefore keep uncomfortable temperatures and unforgiving elements of nature outside, while providing you with pleasantness and beauty inside. This will make your carbon footprint smaller as you won’t have to rely on other heating or cooling appliances as much.

Window treatments, your furniture and floors

We might not always consider this, but direct sunlight will fade the color of furniture and carpets made from fabric. It will also dry out leather (and especially synthetic leather) furniture and wooden ornaments, and will cause both wooden and laminated flooring to lose color. In fact, most colorful things will fade when constantly exposed to the sun. It therefore makes sense to use window covering to protect your furniture, floors, ornaments and sometimes even plants to ensure longer life for these items.

Window covering and saving money

Window covering will protect everything you have inside your home from fading and drying out. The heat from the sun could for example cause the veneer of some furniture to come lose, or it could dry out some woods to the point where they will crack. By keeping harsh elements of nature outside, you will also have to rely less on air conditioning in summer and heating appliances in winter, bringing down your utility bills and bringing about more savings.

Window covering, your health and your comfort

Window covering is good for your health! Because it keeps direct sunlight out of your home, it takes the glare off television and computer screens, protecting your eyes. It does the same for your eyes when you are reading a book or writing on white pages. Bare or unprotected, untreated windows will furthermore allow a lot of cold into your house in winter, which could lead to lung diseases, while having your home exposed to relentless sun in summer could make living in it extremely uncomfortable.

Types of window treatments:

Wood blinds
Faux Wood blinds
Woven wood shades
Cellular shades
Roman shades
Roller shades
Solar shades

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