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  • Deanna Spencer Window Coverings -Flooring Sales & Design

    Deanna has been with Quality Carpets Design Center for 27 years and has extensive interior design and space planning knowledge and experience. She has been a member of NAWIC  (National Association of Women in Construction) for many years.  MORE…

  • Mike Jasey Commercial- Contract Sales

    Mike has over 40 years of flooring experience serving clients and customers throughout California and Hawaii. He has had a successful career for the last nine years with Quality Carpets Design Center.   MORE…

  • Nick Dutcher Sales manager & flooring sales

    Nick joined Quality Carpets Design Center team 5 years ago and is our Sales manager.

    Nick grew up in a family that was also involved in floor covering, so one could say flooring is in his blood.  MORE…

  • Ashley Parker
    Ashley Parker Sales

    Ashley specializes in residential sales and design at Quality Carpet Design Center.

    Ashley has a strong 2 years of experience in the flooring industry and is quickly picking up on all of the detail at our company!

  • Christy Burger President

    Christy Burger is the President of Quality Carpets Design Center and has been with the company for 17 years.

    Soon after her career start with the business, founder Tony Allusi felt that Christy had the right stuff to go places. A degree in Business Management, dedication, drive and hard work made Christy climb the ladder from receptionist to President of Quality Carpets Design Center. MORE…

  • Carol Young
    Carol Young Accounting

    Carol has been with Quality Carpets Design Center for a whopping 24 years!

    Carol has a pleasant nature and always wears a smile – unless you fail to pay your bill. Carol’s job is to comb over the numbers and to make sure everything adds up. She ensures that the corporation books balance and are in order.

  • Julie Raymond
    Julie Raymond Administrative assistant

    Julie has been with Quality Carpets Design Center for 10 years.

    Julie has the important task of ordering material for the company – and ensuring they actually arrive! This means that she has to keep the wheels spinning for the company and if it means polishing the magic wand again, begging or “horse trading” to get those back order materials to arrive on time – well; then that is what Julie will do!


  • James Sargent
    James Sargent Warehouse Manager

    James is a focused individual who has to ensure he knows whether he and the company’s stock are coming or going! He deals with both goods receiving and ensuring that the craftsmen get the materials for the day’s installations. James is also responsible for keeping stock safe and in the correct places.

  • Sara Gossett
    Sara Gossett Office Receptionist

    Sara has delivered 12 years of excellent service to Quality Carpets Design Center.

    If it is true that you only get one chance to make a first impression, Sara hits a home run every time. Her professional style, combined with an easy manner, ensure that clients feel right at home if they have to wait for an appointment.

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