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 laminated flooring and AC ratings:

You are going to fork out some money to install laminated flooring that won’t ‘cramp your style’, but will also be practical and long-lasting, right? Fortunately choosing quality laminated flooring has been made easy with the Abrasion Ration System, developed by the European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF). With this system laminate flooring is tested for abrasion, burn resistance, impact resistance, and stain and swelling resistance by the EPLF, and then assigned an AC number. The best laminate flooring products have AC ratings which are put on the back of the sample boards, so look out for the following ratings if you want to install quality, rated laminated flooring:

AC1 – Moderate residential use: This rating indicates laminate flooring that is fit for moderate residential use and includes use in bedrooms.

AC2 – General residential use: This rating signifies that the flooring is apt for general home flooring use such as dining rooms and living rooms too.

AC3 – Heavy residential and moderate commercial use: This rating implies that the laminate flooring is suitable for all residential uses as well as light commercial use like hotel rooms and small offices.

AC4 – General commercial use: Laminated flooring with this rating is apt for all residential and normal commercial properties, including big offices, boutiques and cafes.

AC5 – Heavy commercial use: An AC5-rated laminated floor indicates that the flooring is suitable for use for all residential as well as heavy commercial use, inclusive of department stores, public buildings and the like.

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