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Carpet for all budgets

Dislike high pressure sales…
so do we, we don't use it here!


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Full Service Flooring & Design Center



Locally owned and operated. We’re not done until you’re satisfied!

Serving Clovis-Fresno and Central Valley Since 1962


There are good reasons for and benefits to choosing carpeting instead of other types of flooring for your home, church, store, daycare facility or office. Just like any other type of flooring, carpets can change the look and feel of a room completely and are durable – with the added benefit that it is less expensive than basically any other type of flooring!

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There are almost as many hardwood flooring options on the market today as there are coloring pencils in a big set of coloring pencils, so one could really let your artistic side come out to play when choosing your hardwood species for your flooring! The marketplace not only offers American Classic hardwood species to choose from, but also Exotic or foreign imported ones.

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Laminated flooring today is extremely versatile and can imitate the look of virtually any flooring style from hardwood flooring to ceramic tiles and stone – and even a print of your own photographed design or photograph if you so wish! It is a very popular style of flooring for the above reason, but also because it is an inexpensive alternative to hardwood flooring, tiles and stone.

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If you have just decided to get window shades for your home, you have made a sensible choice not only because of their esthetic value, but also because of their practical and economical benefits. Not sure that you really, really want or need them? Let’s shed some light on the benefits of window shades and help you make up your mind!

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Flooring tiles can be made from various materials including clay, metal, stone and terrazzo. The two most popular types of tile flooring, though, are ceramic and natural stone tiles. Tile flooring is durable, can be used inside or outside your home and will bring either a sophisticated or natural ambience to your home depending on your personal taste and choice!

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Sheet Vinyl Flooring

If you’re trying to find something that’s very easy to buy, relatively easy to install and that will match virtually any decor, look no further than vinyl sheet flooring. It’s among the most widely used flooring choices around! It is precisely what it feels like – long, wide sheets of vinyl. Vinyl sheet flooring comes in rolls of either 6’ or 12’.

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What Others Say About Us

Every day more people join the Quality experience!

  • ***** YELP REVIEW

      Found this company from a flooring supplier website that stated Quality Carpets was an authorized supplier with trained installers. That was a good sign. Still newish to Fresno and got a little lost so called in for directions and a super nice lady answered the phone and guided me to their location.

    Went in and noticed that they don't swoop in like in other places I've been to. Felt free to walk around anywhere. After a few moments I was looking a little lost and Nick came up an asked if I had any questions and stated that if I wanted to keep browsing that he would give us some space to keep looking around. I appreciated that as it shows that are there if I need them but won't be hovering if I just want to browse their selection...which is very large, consisting of window coverings, vinyl, area rugs, carpets, hardwood, laminates and ceramic tile.

    I had a technical question for Nick and he took the time to explain different options for my issue. Due to my own timing and coordination issues it turned out that I wouldn't be able to do my flooring project in the window that I was trying to do it in. The whole time Nick was helpful with alternatives and suggestions.

    I'll be back.

    Atif Q.
    Atif Q.
  • ***** YELP REVIEW

    I wouldn't go anywhere else for flooring -- why?

    You can get flooring anywhere -- you can probably get the same flooring a bit cheaper online, or in the big box stores. Here's where they've had my repeat business several times, though: it's the installation. I can't tell you how many sad stories I've heard from friends who went elsewhere, about flooring installations gone bad. Sloppy work, uneven appearance, whatever.

    About 15 years ago, Quality carpets installed a bathroom floor for me, with meticulous attention to detail. This was after "someone else" installed another bathroom floor, with less attention to detail.

    I was sold. I will not go anywhere else. Most recently, about a year and half ago, I had another better-than-hoped-or-expected experience with installation. I wouldn't trust my floors to anyone but Quality Carpets, and if it costs a bit more, so be it.

    They also are very nice folks, and when they tell you they are going to do something, or show up on a certain day or time, they do.

    And, no high sales pressure. They are interested in helping you find what you want, rather than pushing something on you.

    Finally -- it's a local business. I'd rather patronize local businesses, all things being equal, but in this case, all things are not equal,
    because they are already the best! 🙂

    Dolly B.
    Dolly B. Yelp Review *****

Partners we work with

We are proud of the decades-long relationships that we have formed with  major flooring and window suppliers through successful business dealings. Long term relationships bring about trust, as well as benefits that we can pass on to our clients. Good quality, pricing, service and warranties pave the way to your purchase at Quality Carpets Design Center.

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297 Shaw Ave. Clovis, CA 93612

Next to the Olive Garden Restaurant, Clovis

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